How Would You Benefit From A New Nissan Altima?

January 29th, 2018 by

The all-new Nissan Altima is making waves for customers in Buford, Georgia. Wondering why? This updated piece of machinery has blessed the streets with copious amounts of legroom and better technology than ever before. Passengers can now safely snuggle into the Altima’s 6-way manually adjustable driver’s Sport cloth-trimmed seat and relish in comfort. The Nissan Altima 2.5S is making moves, and the drivers of Georgia are excited about all of them.

Here at three reasons why you should think about purchasing one of these new Altima models:

1. It’s A Budget-Friendly Sedan

        When most people go vehicle shopping, their first thought is about how expensive it’s going to be. People will even forfeit pivotal things like GAP coverage to keep their costs low. Why not avoid all of these concerns by purchasing a budget-friendly vehicle in the first place? The Nissan Altima presents drivers with various trim levels at great prices.

2. Zero Gravity Bucket Seats

        The Zero Gravity Bucket seats are designed to optimize comfort for drivers, with cutting-edge NASA-inspired technology. Sitting in the car for extended periods of time can cause issues with your health. The zero gravity bucket seats reduce fatigue that people may feel while sitting in a certain position for hours on end. The seat contours are laid out to optimize your blood flow, thus putting less stress on your muscles. You’ll feel alert and right at home when you’re riding in a new Altima.

3. Convenient Storage Space

      Whether you’re using your Nissan Altima for a standard grocery haul or want to take it on a cross-country road trip, you’ll benefit from the Nissan Altima’s trunk that offers over 15-cubic feet of space. Its slender profile and wider door design provides drivers the easy access they need to swoop in from the back seat if needed. This new Nissan vehicle is the perfect sedan for all of life’s little adventures!

Why Should You Choose The Nissan Altima?

Ultimately, you should choose the new Nissan Altima as your daily driver because it’s simply a better vehicle. It offers the advanced technology you need to feel safe, added cargo room, great EPA-estimated MPG ratings, and fun comfort features. There’s so much to love about this new Nissan vehicle in Buford, GA. When you’re ready to explore the new Altima, schedule a test drive here at Premier Nissan Mall of Georgia near Atlanta. Stay tuned in to our blog to learn about other top-notch new Nissan vehicles in your area!

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