Why Buy A Used Car In Buford, Georgia

If you’re shopping for your next vehicle and are wondering whether to buy used or new, listen up. The Premier Nissan Mall of Georgia team is here to help in your car search!

As a new and used car dealership, we know the benefits of both new and pre-owned vehicles. However, today we’re covering the top reasons you might want to consider buying one of the pre-owned cars for sale at our Buford, GA, auto dealership.

Why buy used cars? Let’s review the benefits you’ll enjoy when you buy a used car:


Every shopper wants to save money, especially when making a big purchase like an automobile. It’s no secret that used cars typically cost much less than new cars. In fact, by purchasing one of the used cars for sale at our Nissan dealership, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Who doesn’t want to save a bit of cash, especially when the overall cost of living is rising? When you buy a used car, you can save money on the purchase price as well as other costs, but we’ll get to those other savings in a bit.

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Saving money isn’t the only reason to buy a used car, though. Value is all about what you get for your money, and used cars can provide exceptional value. Modern used cars are loaded with high-tech features, including large digital displays, touchscreens, smartphone integration, advanced driver-assistance systems and more.

So, when you buy a used Nissan for sale, you’re getting great value in the form of modern features at a pre-owned price. What’s not to love about that?


Quality matters, especially when you’re relying on a vehicle to get you from Point A to Point B safely and dependably. Modern pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs provide the reliability motorists are looking for, and they do so at highly competitive prices.

The used Nissan vehicles for sale at our used car dealership in Buford, GA, are built to last. Some of these late-model cars, SUVs and pickups feature low miles and are one-owner vehicles. So whether you’re looking for a pristine pre-owned automobile or a low-priced used car for sale that has plenty of life left, you can find the quality vehicle you’re after at Premier Nissan Mall of Georgia.

Lower Added Costs

Did you know that used cars often provide motorists with other ways to save money? That’s right; when you buy a used car for sale in Buford, GA, at our Nissan dealership, you’ll likely face lower:

  • Sales tax
  • Registration fees
  • Insurance costs
  • Added fees

Shop Used Nissan Vehicles For Sale In Buford, GA

Now that you know the pros of purchasing pre-owned, why not explore the used cars for sale in your area? If you live around Buford, GA, you can always turn to Premier Nissan Mall of Georgia for a supreme selection of used Nissan vehicles for sale. We carry used cars, trucks and SUVs from other automakers as well, so no matter what you’re after, we’re sure to have quality vehicles that fit your budget!

Browse our collection of Nissan Certified Pre-Owned cars for sale online now. Or, see our entire selection of affordable used cars to find your ideal next automobile around Buford, Georgia.