The 7 Items That Every Car Owner Ought To Have In Their Car

September 5th, 2023 by

It’s nice to be self-sufficient while out on the road in case a car issue or an emergency catches up with you. You can even help a stranded motorist if you have equipped yourself with a car tool kit. True, urban dwellers are never too far from a mechanic, so why keep some of the things we mention? Because these car items are helpful!


We do not mean that you should stuff our car silly with useless things and empty wrappers. Keep your interiors neat, but keep the necessary car kit items with you. By ‘necessary’, we mean the following:


  1. A Valid First Aid Kit

You never know when situations may dictate a dire need for first aid. Accidents can happen on the road anytime, so it’s best to be prepared. Keep a first aid kit nestled in the glove compartment and keep a regular check on the expiry of the kit components. It’s not much for treating but is enough to stem an injury until emergency services arrive.


  1. Car Documentation

You should keep your car repair, insurance claims & AAA-related information in your car. The legal documents like license & registration are also to be kept on hand. Never remove the car manual & maintenance receipts. For contingent reasons, keep emergency contact info somewhere accessible or visible in the car.


  1. Jumper Cables

If your battery dies out on you, you can’t keep on trying to start the car because you might flood the engine. Best to keep a set of jumper cables and flag a passerby for assistance with a jump start.


  1. Stepneys Or Donut

Stepneys is a backup tire replacement that is handy for a punctured tire during a long-distance drive. A donut is a mini-tire designed for shorter, necessitated distances to a nearby assistive location. Never keep a donut on for longer than necessary.


  1. A Tire Pressure Gauge

Over or under-inflated tires can be much trouble for the tire’s wear and a car’s drive quality. Keep a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure in the tires for better handling. Since it’s winter, you will need to pressure your car tires accordingly.


  1. Windshield Wiper Fluid

For winter driving without the sleet and muck getting on your windshield, you need a backup for wiper fluid. Though it hardly snows in Buford, you should anticipate rain & sleet. Where visibility gets worse, dispense the liquid and wait till your field of vision is clear, then resume driving.


  1. A Tool Kit

No responsible driver is ever without their all-special tool kit usually kept in the vehicle’s trunk. The tool kit contains everything needed for changing a tire, temporary fixes for car body damage, and implements to hold damaged parts together until one reaches the auto shop. The tool kit deserves a listing of its own!


  1. WD-40: To lubricate & loosen rusty nuts & bolts.
  2. Duct Tape: To use on damaged parts of a car’s body or even to cover a broken car window.
  3. Cable Ties: They come in handy as hose clamp substitutes for securing fuel valves.
  4. Flashlight & Batteries: For illumination on the road while doing a DIY repair.
  5. Lug Wrench & Jack: These are the most crucial items for changing car tires. Keep the jack thoroughly cleaned and oiled.


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