6 Fun & Interesting Facts About Tires

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Did you know that the first tire was made in 1888 by John Boyd Dunlop? It was originally designed to help his son’s bicycle grip better on rough surfaces. Today, there are many different types of tires available for cars, such as all-season or winter tires, radial or bias-ply tires, etc.


This post will explore the world of tires and uncover some interesting facts that you may not know!


1) Tires Were Originally White!

The very first tires were made from white rubber. This was back in the late 1800s when cars became popular. At this time, there were no other colors of rubber available, so white was used. Another reason was that manufacturers had to add zinc oxide to the rubber to make it more durable, and this gave them a white residue.


2) Tires Became Black in the Early 1900s

As time went on and technology improved, manufacturers started to experiment with different types of rubber. They found that adding carbon black helped make the tires stronger and more durable; however, this created a darker tire. This is why most modern-day tires are black or some shade of gray.


The only problem was at night when they were driving in cities, so some towns started painting their roads white for motorists to stay safe when going home late at night after work or on weekend nights.


3) Lego is the Largest Tire Manufacturer Worldwide

Did you know that Lego is the largest tire manufacturer in the world? That’s right! They make more than twice as many tires as the second-largest manufacturer. Lego produces more than 300 million tires every year. Their toys are made with many moving parts, so they need durable and reliable tires to keep them moving. They won’t work with your vehicle, though.


4) The World’s Largest Tire

If you’ve been to Allen Park, Michigan, then you might have seen a giant tire. This is because it’s the world’s largest tire! It weighs in at an impressive 12 tons, and it is 80-feet tall.


5) Most New BMWs Have Run-Flat Tires

BMW uses run-flat tires on many of its vehicles. Run-flat tires are great because they give drivers a little more flexibility if they happen to get stuck with a flat tire along the way, but this isn’t always such a good thing. These types of tires can be harder for mechanics to work on when repairing.


6) Tires are Not Made by Car Manufacturers

Contrary to popular belief, car manufacturers do not make tires. Instead, they work with tire companies to create a specific tire designed to fit their vehicles. This means that there are many different types of tires on the market, and each one has its own unique set of benefits.

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