Car Buying Essentials: Fitting Your Personality To Your Car

September 5th, 2023 by

One can say that a buying a car is an achieved extension of the self, that car owners not only select their vehicles for functionality, but to also express their lifestyle choices in a manner bespoke to them. While all that is true and quite artsy, eventually getting a car to match your personality comes down to some simple factors.


Budget Considerations

For some, budget is not a limiting factor, but for those who have such financial impediments that a loan is required, budgeting becomes the crux of the car purchase. That can affect your car selection but by no means dull it down. You can still make the best out of a used car purchase, a lease, or a CPO. How this counts into the melding of personality and car is that you make a more informed decision on the factors to follow.


Commuting Times & Locality

You have to go over your daily commuting needs, your social hangouts, your frequent runs to the grocers, the nearest school, etc., so that you can select a vehicle with a mileage that suits. You would need a car with a good enough mileage in a city, but in rural or hilly areas, 4-wheel drive trucks are the norm. Take the 2022 Nissan Frontier SV as an example; with its V6 & 17-24 mpg rating; you are making quite the power move on the tarmac!


Passenger Or the Plural?

If you are a lone wolf, then a coupe, sedan & hatchbacks all gain your favor. But if you are part of a very robust family beyond the nuclear numbers; then, it’s either a van or an SUV that best defines you as a person—and frankly speaking, it’s a very positive impression.


Seating capacity matters a lot when selecting a vehicle to fit your needs. If you want a family car but need to keep up with the sass on the roads, then the 2021 Nissan Rogue Sport SL is not a bad choice at all for your ‘cool parent’ needs!


Driving Preferences

It is effortless to be tempted by fast cars and edgy spoilers, but those flashy things collect dust in the garages of millionaires. They offer even less on the passenger experience scale, so you need to decide if the car purchase is a ‘lone wolf’ one, an ‘impress-the-date’ one, or the ‘I am in control’ car? Also, depending on how you drive, your mileage will either improve or drop like a leaking transmission.


Model & Make Aesthetics

No one would like to invest in a pretty-looking lemon, especially in the pre-owned category. But the fact remains that it’s the look of the car that temps one to an impulse buy. You need to remove emotion from the equation and ponder over how your select car represents you as a person. Suppose you need a high-performance & sturdy vehicle, then adieu aesthetics. If you like control, prioritize the performance above anything else. If you prefer the looks, then be prepared to do a bit more research to find a pretty car with a strong engine under the hood.


If you need some pondering to find a car to match your personality, we welcome you to the Zen Garden of automobiles in Buford, serving Duluth, GA. At Premier Nissan Mall of Georgia, not only will you have free reign to pick a car that speaks to you, but you have a wide variety to pick from!

Visit our dealership and find the car that whispers all your driving desires to you. Who knows, it might be a bespoke 2022 Nissan Sentra!

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